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Omicron Nanotechnology - Multiprobe S UHV System

MANUFACTURER Omicron Nanotechnology
MODEL Multiprobe S
AVAILABILITY By appointment only
RESTRICTIONS Can only be used by University of Leicester staff in the department of Physics and Astronomy, to provide a service
PORTABILITY Cannot be moved from current location
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The equipment is a variable temperature scanning probe microscope

It provides very high resolution images of surface topography of samples in Ultra-High Vacuum (UHV) by using a very sharp tip scanned across the surface. It can work in Scanning Tunnelling Microcopy (STM) mode that can produce atomic resolution images of metal surfaces or in Atopmic Force Microscope (AFM) mode that can get 1 nm resolution images of insulating surfaces. The UHV environment means that imaging can be done on reactive surfaces and the instrument can image surfaces at temperatures in the range 20 K - 1000K.

Scanning probe Spectroscopy (SPS) with atomic resolution can also be performed using the instrument.

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Last Updated: 5th June, 2014