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Bioluminescence and Fluorescence Scanner

MANUFACTURER PerkinElmer (manufacturer's website)
RESTRICTIONS Only research within the CRF can use this system
CONTACT 1 George Ashdown
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This highly-sensitive system detects bioluminescent and fluorescent signals, for non-invasive longitudinal studies of animals including cell trafficking, gene expression, drug therapies and disease progression.

3D tomography allows in-vivo source localisation and selective excitation/emission filters spanning 430-850 nm's permit multiple fluorescent sources within the same animal to be detected.

Images can be co-localised with data from the Quantum FX MicroCT for greater anatomical analysis.


Highly sensitive CCD camera allows up to 20 ┬Ám resolutions.

10 excitation filters and 18 emission filters (30 nm and 20 nm bandwidths respectively) reduce autofluorescence through their high selectivity, aided by spectral unmixing.

3D imaging is achieved 1 animal at a time, 2D permits up to 5 animals.

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Last Updated: 7th October, 2013