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Ultrasound Machine

MANUFACTURER VisualSonics (manufacturer's website)
MODEL Vevo 2100
RESTRICTIONS Only research taking place within the CRF can use this system
CONTACT 1 George Ashdown
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The Vevo 2100 allows researchers to image the dynamic processes that occur in-vivo using repeatable, label-free imaging. High spatial- and temporal-resolutions capture swift events such as the rodent cardiac cycle, while quantification software generates data-sets ideal for longitudinal studies.



M-Mode and Anatomical M-Mode

Pulsed-Wave Doppler

Colour Doppler Mode

Animals are imaged one at a time, using a heated pad (available for mice and rats) that provides continuous E.C.G., respiration rate and core temperature readings.

High frequency solid-state transducers; MS200 (9-18 MHz) and MS400 (18-38 MHz)

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Last Updated: 7th October, 2013