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3d Printer (Rapid Prototype Machine)

MODEL Dimension Elite
AVAILABILITY By appointment only
RESTRICTIONS Can only be used by University of Leicester staff in the department of Physics and Astronomy, to provide a service
PORTABILITY Cannot be moved from the current location
CONTACT 1 Stuart Lyon
CONTACT 2 Andrew Underhill
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The Dimension 3D printer uses ABSplus thermoplastic to build models. The 3D printer heats plastic filament at to a semi-liquid state at the print head, where it is extruded in thin accurate layers. Once the prototype has printed you remove the recyclable base of the 3D printer and snap off the model. CatalystEX software is used to convert CAD program’s STL output into 3D modelling print paths. The software allows a 3D view of the model or models to be printed, the model to be scaled to the desired size and control. The Dimension 3D printer allows models of sizes up to 203 x 203 x 305 mm (8 x 8 x 12 in.). There are three colours (Red, Black and White).

Examples of how the printer can be used include making components out of Plastic that in the past would have been made out of metal, for proof testing on assemblies and prototyping

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Last Updated: 5th June, 2014

3d Printer (Rapid Prototype Machine)