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Bruker E500-10/12 Electron-Paramagnetic Resonance CW

MANUFACTURER Bruker (manufacturer's website)
MODEL E500-10/12 EPR CW
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CONTACT 1 Dr Gerry Griffith
CONTACT 2 Philip E. Acton
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E 500-10/12 Research grade Electron-Paramagnetic Resonance CW Spectrometer System ELEXSYS-Series with 10" Magnet and 12 kW power supply

E 513 S E 500 Single door console including console power supply, full console wiring and safety circuits,

E 27 Signal Master base station with E 527H high frequency unit including modulation power amplifier (up to four signal channels can be accommodated), Interface

E27H High frequency Signal Channel Module, 6kHz to 100 kHz, settable in 1 kHz steps, first and second harmonic, phase resolution 0.10, phase stability : 0.1 degree lCxh, modulation output: 1mVpp-10Vpp

Modulation Reference: 10Vpp rectangular input impedance: 50 Ohm, Receiver gain dynamic: 0- 106dB, Gain step size: 1dB, Time constant: 0.01ms-5.24s, ADC Type: integrating, ADC Conversion: 0.16ms- 5.24s per point, ADC Resolution: constant 22 bits automatic calibration of phase and amplitude for any frequency in the specified frequency range, external Trigger capability, Setup Scan futemal Data Buffer E27L Low frequency channel, 1kHz to 6kHz in 0.1 kHz steps, quadrature detection: two channels, multiple modulation (two or more signal channels in series).

E32 Precision Microprocessor Hall Field Controller, -50 G to +23 kG operating range, field accuracy typically better than +/-500 mG over full range, center field setting in 50 mG steps, sweep width setting in 100 mG steps, 12 bit parallel sweep input and output, internal and external address advance, Interface

E48MBC Microwave bridge controller for attenuation-, reference phase-, bias-, microwave frequency setting, setup scan with real-time display, sweep width variable up to 50G, manual or automated tuning, manual or automated matching, cavity Q-value display, microwave power display mode picture zoom function

E49X SuperX High Power Microwave Bridge, 600 mW low noise Gunn microwave source, AFC stability 10 , microwave power leveler, 200 mW leveled output up to 60 dB attenuation in 1 dB steps, power meter with digital display in unleveled and leveled mode, +/-0.2 dB attenuation precision, automatic AFC gain control, 6 MHz AFC dynamic range, up to 80 MHz tuning range, ultra-low noise Signal Detection, low noise preamplifier 30 Hz to 6.5 MHz, microwave frequency output port for frequency meter or FF-lock matched reference arm with variable attenuation and phase setting delay line, iris motor tuning,

E41 FC X band digital frequency counter with RS 232 interface, 1 GHz to 10 GHz


E532M Data Acquisition System mainframe unit console with VME- Bus slots, power supply for VME bus configuration and+/- 15 V linear power supply for the analog electronics

E532 CPU 68040 CPU (32 bit data bus, 32 bit address bus), VME- bus interface with arbiter and interrupt controller, on board dual ported memory, Ethernet controller

E 532 GIS General purpose spectrometer interface RS 232 C, Centronics, IEC 625, SLD-Bus, 3 programmable pulse outputs, 2 Interrupt request lines,

E532ADF High speed digitizer, two channels, 100 ns aperture time, 2 MHz sampling rate, hardware accumulator with 8 K x 32 bit on board memory,

E 532 RSC Digital rapid scan controller, up to 200G sweep width, sweep time range and digital acquisition: 500 us to 303 s modulation generator 61 Hz to 100 kHz

E 532 TVI Ethernet hub connecting all spectrometer devices

E 5000LX LINUX Workstation Pentium N 3000 MHz 512MB Memory 80 GB Hard disk 2 Ethernet Interfaces 3 Yz" Floppy drive CD Drive R/W DVDROM E 532 OS OS9 Operating system installation package

Xepr Software package for system control, acquisition control and data 1D and 2D Manipulations:

Complex and real Fast Fourier transform, calculation of magnitude and power spectra, polynomial and exponential fits, line shape fit, integration and peak­ picking, sophisticated baseline corrections, processing macros, spectrum algebra, g-factor transformation for field sweep and FT spectra, point, line , histogram and numeric display for 1D spectra, contour, density, transparent and hidden line display for 2D, spectra, qualifiers, file handling

Aepr Acquisition Software featuring Field sweep, time sweep, rapid scan, powers sweep, temperature sweep, 2D experiments

FDepr Functional Devices Software

ER 213CAL Calibration sample set consisting of: DPPH for modulation calibration

Strong-Pitch for quick instrument check Weak-Pitch, the international sensitivity standard for EPR Magnet system: E 073 10" double yoke magnet built from magnetically soft, ultra-pure steel of low C-, P-, and S- content with 72 mm air gap, max magnetic field strength with 12 kW power supply: 14.5 kG or 17.5 kG with 56 mm airgap (additional pole-tips required), weight 1.850 kg, water cooled version, 3 n Impedance, compatible with all temperature control systems, suitable for L­ Band, S-Band, X-band, K-Band, Q-Band)

E 083 Solid state power supply with 12 kW output power, magnet matching impedance 3 n, water cooled, three phase 380Volts stability class 1 * 1o-6 compatible with E 072 and E 073 magnets


As above


ER4112 HV Helium Temperature Control System (3.8- 300 K) ER 4112HV-1011 Helium Cryostat with 10 mm OD Dewar ER 4112HV-1017 Digital Helium Control Unit (3.8- 300 K) ER 4112HV-1016 FlowMeter ER 4112HV-1014 Helium Transfer Line ER 4112HV-1015 Helium Pump ER4118 SHS Cryostat Clamps 3 ONE ER4123 SHQE Super-high sensitivity probehead with optical window fpr CW-EPR in X-Band: 1Omm sample access 20G maximum modulation amplitude for lossy and non-lossy samples (for lossy samples use capillary or Flat cell ER160FC-Q) compatible withER 4131VT and ER 4112HVunloaded Q = 20.000 optical window Sensitivity: Weak Pitch 3000:1 Absolute 1 x 109 spins/G Concentration sensitivity limit 4.0 x 1o-12 mol

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Bruker E500-10/12 Electron-Paramagnetic Resonance CW